Native Plant Grants


Are you a homeowner, community organizer or municipal civil servant looking to fund a planting project in the Midwest? Are you planning a native garden, or would like to have trees planted in your neighborhood? We are excited to present this resource to make that effort a little bit easier, with this compilation of local, regional (Midwest) and national grants relevant to urban forestry, native garden projects and more.

We will continue to add additional grants as we learn of them. Feel free to contact us at if you would like us to post any other opportunities.

(Please note these are third party grants and not affiliated with Possibility Place Nursery) 

The following are a selection of native plant grants available in the Midwest and nationwide. To see all available grants we've compiled please see the bottom of this page.

Best of luck and happy planning!

(Last updated 1/12/2023)

Selected Tree Planting Grants:

Trees Forever Recover, Replant, Restore Grant

Funding to Replant Your Community Forest

Trees Forever’s Recover, Replant, Restore! grants of $500 to $3,000 are available to Illinois communities diversifying their community forests or recovering from natural or man-made disasters particularly emerald ash borer (EAB). The grants will also help communities prepare for these disasters by planting more diverse disease- and storm-resistant shade trees. Projects may include planting trees along streets, trails, community entryways, at schools, public buildings, parks and more.

Application Deadline: February 25th

Trees Forever Planting Hope Grants

Planting Hope grants are competitive, reimbursable grants open to municipalities and nonprofit organizations in derecho affected areas of Iowa and Illinois. Planting projects are limited to publicly owned land, nonprofit property, schools and cemeteries with funding up to $5,000.

Application Deadline: Next application round opening soon.

Openlands TreePlanters Grants

TreePlanters Grants are awarded to people, groups, or organizations in the Chicago region that can bring together and coordinate their neighbors to plant 10-40 trees in predetermined locations in their neighborhood.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Plantings occur in the spring (April-May) and fall (September-early November) of each year.  Please apply below.

Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) Community Tree Planting Assistance Grant

The CRTI Tree Planting Assistance Grant is available to anyone connected to a site/neighborhood/municipality in the Chicago region that has space for trees and the capacity to care for them post-planting. CRTI will provide tree planting event planning, implementation, volunteer recruitment, all tools, and proper tree planting procedure support.
Application Deadlines:

Spring planting applications are due October 31 the year before the planting.

Fall planting applications are due August 1 the year of the planting.

Selected Native Garden and Pollinator Grants:

Central Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society Grant


The Central Chapter of the Illinois Native Plant Society offers grant funds of up to $1000 to individuals or groups for support of projects that promote the conservation of Illinois native plants and natural communities in the central Illinois region. Examples of past projects include demonstration prairies, tree reforestation, invasive plant removal, butterfly gardens, rain gardens, and educational events.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Minnesota Lawns To Legumes Assistance Grants

The Lawns to Legumes pilot program offers a combination of workshops, coaching, planting guides and cost-share funding (individual support grants) for installing pollinator-friendly native plantings in residential lawns. The program also includes demonstration neighborhoods, which are pollinator programs run by local governments and nonprofit organizations with support from BWSR, and a public education campaign to raise awareness about creating pollinator habitat. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 


Calling local non-profits and organizations! We are excited to announce our Garden for Nature Grant Program. This grant is for those who would like to improve the environment and engage the public through a native plant garden in the Chicago region.

If you are part of a local non-profit that wishes to connect young people and nature, there is no better way (in our humble opinion) than to plant a native garden that grows with them and their curiosity.

Application Deadline: Spring of 2023

Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant

Schoolyard Wildlife Habitat Action Grant for Illinois schools to use native Illinois plants in their wildlife habitat area.

Application Deadline: Check back for more information

TD Green Space Grant

TD Green Space Grants support green infrastructure development, tree planting, forestry stewardship, and community green space expansion as a way to advance environmental and economic benefits toward a low-carbon economy.

Application submitting has closed, please check back for details on their 2024 application deadline.

ComEd Green Region Grant

Recognizing that open space in our communities is crucial to the quality of our lives, ComEd andOpenlands have committed to supporting non-profit organizations, schools, school districts,housing authorities, townships, counties, park districts, conservation districts, forest preserve districts, and municipalities-including municipal entities such as water reclamation districts- in northern Illinois with their ongoing efforts to protect or improve public spaces for the benefit of all. ComEd designed the ComEd Green Region Grant in partnership with Openlands to assist local communities in Illinois and NW Indiana in these efforts by providing funding for some expenses towards these goals.

Application Deadline: Check back in January of 2023 for more information.

Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund

Grants are awarded nationwide to projects that support implementation of technical assistance to increase the number of private landowners engaged in monarch butterfly and pollinator conservation practices on working lands.

Check back for application deadline information for 2023

Wild Flower Association of Michigan Educational Grant

The Wildflower Association of Michigan (WAM) awards grants annually to fund projects that range from creating an outdoor classroom to enhancing an existing site with native plants.

Application Deadline: December 1st of each year

2023 Biodiversity Conservation Grant: Enhancing Pollinator Habitats

Nationwide habitat enhancement projects should directly support the creation, restoration, remediation, improvement, and/or protection of habitats for important pollinator species such as butterflies, bees, bats, and more. Additionally, projects should incorporate community outreach and engagement activities designed to educate and empower the public to help enhance pollinator habitats.

Application Deadline: Check back in early 2023 for more information

Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program

The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program (SFE) is named for Wild Ones lifetime Honorary Directory Lorrie Otto, the founding inspiration for Wild Ones, Native Plants, Natural Landscapes, Ltd. SFE program provides meaningful learning opportunities that connect youth to nature and the Wild Ones mission. For more than 20 years, this vital Wild Ones donor-funded program has provided grants ranging from $100 to $500 for native plant gardens and landscaping projects throughout the United States. The funds are designated for acquiring native plants and seeds for outdoor learning areas that engage youth (preschool to high school) directly in planning, planting and caring for native plant gardens. Examples include pollinator gardens, rain gardens to improve water quality, tallgrass prairies, native plant monarch waystations featuring citizen science activities and sensory and natural playgrounds.

Applicants must apply by October 15 of the year prior to the grant year.

Prairie Garden Grants Program

Gardening and other conservation groups, parks, schools, and other entities in Missouri and surrounding states are invited to submit proposals to MPF’s Prairie Garden Grants Program. 

Deadline is January 15th, 2023.

Association For Butterflies Mini-Grant

This nationwide grant is offered annually in an effort to increase habitat and awareness of what is required to support butterflies and their life cycle. 

Applications are accepted from January 18 to February 12

Full List of Midwestern Native Plant and Horticultural Grants:


Trees Forever Recover, Replant, Restore Grant

Trees Forever Planting Hope Grants

Openlands TreePlanters Grants

Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) Community Tree Planting Assistance Grant 

llinois Native Plant Society Grants 

Illinois Extension Compendium of Grants

Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Interagency Grants 


Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant

ComEd Green Region Grant


Michigan DNR Forestry Grants

Wild Flower Association of Michigan Educational Grant

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance Tree Planting Grants

Washtenaw County School and Community Habitat Grant

Michigan Botanical Society Grants 


Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Grants 

Wisconsin DNR Urban Forestry Grants 

Wisconsin Pollinator Funding Opportunities

Fox Valley Area Wild Ones Grants

Dane County Free Native Plants for Schools and Communities

Wisconsin Hardy Plant Society Grants 

Environmental Education In Wisconsin Grants

Wisconsin Stem and Science Related Grants 

Madison Area Master Gardener Association Grants


Duke Energy of Indiana Grants

Indiana Native Plant Society Grants 

Indiana DNR Community Forestry Grants

City of Bloomington, Indiana Grants 


Trees Forever Planting Hope Grants

Iowa Native Plant Society Grants 

Iowa DNR Urban Forestry Grants 


Missouri Department of Conservation Funding Opportunities

Wild Ones St. Louis Native Landscaping Grants

Missouri Prairie Garden Grants Program 


Minnesota Cost Share Grants

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Grants

Minnesota Lawns To Legumes Assistance Grants 


Kentucky Native Plant Society Grants

Duke Energy of Kentucky Grants

Louisville Audobon Society Grants

Beckham Bird Club Birdathon Grants (Lexington, KY)

Lexington, Kentucky Wild Ones Native Plant Grants 


US Forest Service Grants 

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Community Grants 

Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program

2023 Biodiversity Conservation Grant: Enhancing Pollinator Habitats

Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund

TD Green Space Grant From Arbor Day Foundation

Public Garden Funding Resources 

National Garden Club Grants

Midwest Invasive Plant Network Grants 

Association For Butterflies Mini-Grant