Wisteria frutescens

Common name: Kentucky Wisteria

Native plant

Are you tired of buying Chinese or Japanese wisteria that doesn’t bloom? How about trying Kentucky Wisteria? It is native to southern Illinois, but in our yard, the vines have consistently bloomed for the past 6 years. Flowers are purple to purple-blue. Some people have pointed out that the Kentucky Wisteria blooms only half as long as other wisterias. My reply is, “It blooms!” I recommend putting this plant on a trellis, for it will strangle a tree. It needs half-day sun and good garden soil. Be prepared to wait 2-3 years for blooms, but you’ll be glad you did!


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Pricing information per unit for 5 gallon growing method
1 to 10 units $17
11 to 24 units $15
25 or more units $13
Pricing information for
Per unit for pint growing method $3.75

Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Mesic, Moist Mesic

Light exposure

Full Sun

Bloom period



Requires Protected Site, Floodplain

Growth form

Multi-stemmed, Colonizing

General information

Mature height
20 Feet
Mature width
10 Feet
Max height
30 Feet
Max width
15 Feet
Growth rate
Flower color
Fall color
Yellow Orange

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