Taxus canadensis

Common name: Canada Yew

Native plant

The single most shade-tolerant native evergreen. A small, graceful shrub on cold slopes in rich woods. There are also reports of it in bog communities, but I have not seen it. In its native habitat it forms beautiful cascades of green that flow through the woods and over rock ledges and down slopes. The foliage’s dark green color can be rather nice in the landscape. The seeds are bright red, but there are never loads of them on the plan. They are lightly toxic so please do not eat them! It grows a bit on the slow side, so be prepared to wait for it to reach its peak.


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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry Mesic, Mesic (Not to Wet Not to Dry)

Light exposure

Partial Sun / Part Shade, Shade

Bloom period


Urban environment

Requires Protected Site

Growth form

Multi-stemmed, Single trunk

Growth rate



Mature height
3 Feet
Mature width
6 Feet
Max height
4 Feet
Max width
8 Feet

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