Quercus prinoides

Common name: Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

Native plant

There is some debate among botanists, foresters and nurserymen about whether this plant is actually Q. muehlenbergii growing under very hard conditions causing the dwarfish characteristics. We have both species in our field, and this species has notable differences, leading us to believe that it is an actual species. It likes drier sites in full sun. The fall color is a reddish mix very much like its bigger brother, but the acorns look squashed. A nice addition to a sunny, dry border planting, or if you’re looking for a unique plant.

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Plant Details

Plant type

Trees, Shrubs

Soil type

Dry, Dry Mesic, Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry)

Light exposure

Full Sun

Bloom period


Urban environment

Uncompacted Urban Soils, Requires Protected Site


Prairie Grasslands, Sandy Soils, Savannas

Growth form

Shrubby/Clump, Single trunk, Low branched, Colonizing / Spreading

Growth rate


Flower color

Yellowish Catkin

Fall color

Yellow Red


Mature height
5 Feet
Mature width
5 Feet
Max height
10 Feet
Max width
10 Feet

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Drought Resistant Soil Stabilizer Pollinator hot spot

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