Quercus bicolor

Common name: Swamp White Oak

Native plant

This is the oak of the flat, wet woods. In northern Indiana, it grows among skunk cabbage, which virtually grows in water. It has a symmetrical, rounded head in youth, which it maintains throughout its life. Susceptible to chlorosis on high, dry sites in soils with pH greater than 7.5 and seems to be most susceptible to what is known as bullet gall. There are 400 galls that attack oaks, and with the exception of one that occasionally affects shingle oak, they do little or no damage. Fall color is yellow to brown. Prefers full sun.

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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry), Moist Mesic, Wet

Light exposure

Full Sun

Bloom period


Urban environment

New Construction, Road-side/Salt Tolerant, Yards that Flood

Growth form

Single trunk

Growth rate


Flower color


Fall color

Orange Yellow


Mature height
50 Feet
Mature width
50 Feet
Max height
80 Feet
Max width
80 Feet

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Loved by birds

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