Matteuccia struthiopteris

Common name: Ostrich Fern

Native plant

Ostrich fern is a clump-forming, arching, deciduous fern which typically grows 2-3' tall in cultivation. Great fern for massing in moist, shady woodland areas, wild gardens or wet areas near streams or ponds. Interplant with early spring wildflowers like trilliums, bloodroot, and Virginia bluebells which will be well on the way toward dormancy by the time this fern reaches full size. Easily grown in average, medium to wet soil in part to full shade. Prefers rich soils with constant moisture. Spreads by underground rhizomes to form dense colonies in optimum growing conditions. For those of you that are foragers, the young fiddleheads taste a lot like green beans both raw and slightly steamed.

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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Mesic, Moist Mesic

Light exposure

Partial Sun, Shade


Lightly compacted soils, Floodplain

Growth form


General information

Mature height
2 Feet
Mature width
1 Feet
Max height
4 Feet
Max width
2 Feet
Growth rate
Fall color

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