Larix laricina

Common name: American Larch

Native plant

Larch is a tree of boggy soils , so yards with consistently moist but not overly wet soils are ideal. Larch grows fairly quickly, about 15” to 24” a year. Its small green tufts of needles arise from knobs on the branches giving the tree a graceful punk rocker haircut. The soft needles will fall off in winter, so please be aware and don’t call me in surprise. Though not in Illinois, this tree does play host to the Columbia silk moth in Wisconsin and Michigan. A must have for all those who love beautiful critters.


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Pricing information per unit for 5 gallon growing method
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25 or more units $22
Pricing information per unit for 15 gallon growing method
1 to 10 units $90
11 to 24 units $80
25 or more units $75

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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Moist Mesic, Wet

Light exposure

Full Sun

Bloom period


Urban environment

Yards that Flood

Growth form

Single trunk

Growth rate


Flower color

Reddish Cones

Fall color



Mature height
4 Feet
Mature width
3 Feet
Max height
50 Feet
Max width
35 Feet

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