Elymus villosus

Common name: Silky Wild Rye

Native plant

In the wild this plant is found scattered across sites in its habitat, never assuming control of a given area. It actually comes into its own during the winter months when the stems remain held high with the seed heads that look like small stands of wheat missed by the thrasher. Very nice winter interest, really. In the wild and in your garden this plant likes light shade/high canopy moist spots to get you the best results. We have seen winter seed-eating birds visit this plant.


Pricing information for
Per unit for pint growing method $4
Flats $45

Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry Mesic, Mesic, Moist Mesic

Light exposure

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Bloom period



New construction, Floodplain

General information

Mature height
2 Feet
Mature width
1 Inches
Max height
3 Feet
Max width
1 Inches
Growth rate
Fall color

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