Dryopteris marginalis

Common name: Marginal Wood Fern

Native plant

Marginal Wood Fern is a vase-shaped well-behaved, non-colonizing fern for the cool, woodland landscape. Never becoming aggressive, the broad, dark, leathery, evergreen fronds of marginal wood fern are from 1-3 ft. high and as much as 10 in. wide. Fiddleheads show up in spring and are golden brown and furry. In snowy winters, it can be glimpsed protruding through the snow, its blue-green coloration in contrast to the surrounding white.

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Per unit for pint growing method $5.50
Flats $70

Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry Mesic, Mesic, Moist Mesic

Light exposure

Partial Sun, Shade

General information

Mature height
1 Feet
Mature width
1 Feet
Max height
2 Feet
Max width
2 Feet
Growth rate
Fall color

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