Chelone glabra

Common name: Turtlehead

Native plant

Typically found in wet prairies and woodland edges, Turtlehead is an excellent choice for part shade areas and can even tolerate some flooding. Cream colored flowers emerge in tight racemes at the tips of the plant, and oddly resemble a turtle's head.  A late bloomer, flowers emerge on this plant at the end of summer to early fall, and last for about a month.  While bumblebees are the most common visitors to this plant, it also attracts the occasional hummingbird.


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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Moist Mesic, Wet

Light exposure

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Bloom period




General information

Mature height
3 Feet
Mature width
2 Feet
Max height
4 Feet
Max width
4 Feet
Growth rate
Flower color

Additional information

Rain garden suited

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