Chamaedaphne calyculata

Common name: Leatherleaf

Native plant

Chamaedaphne is a very difficult plant to grow successfully in our nursery, let alone your yard, but if you have the conditions to make it happy ...... . As small, needy shrubs go this is quite the beauty to behold. The flowers are delicate, white bells that hang beautifully from the stem  followed into fall with leaves of coppery yellow. It grows low in bogs in northern Illinois and NW Indiana where populations are small and relatively stable. Because of this, sourcing seed and getting premission to collect is difficult. We are currently working with a local group to produce this species for a return to the wild with limited numbers (assuming germination) being available to clients with premission from the supplier. Look to contact us about this species in the fall of 2021.


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Woodies- Specialty Shrub
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1 Gallon

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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Moist Mesic, Wet

Light exposure

Eastern Exposure / Morning Sun, Full Sun

Bloom period

Late Spring

Urban environment

Requires Protected Site


Floodplain, Wetlands

Growth form

Dence Growth Form, Shrubby/Clump, Colonizing / Spreading

Growth rate


Flower color


Fall color

Yellow Orange


Mature height
2 Feet
Mature width
2 Feet
Max height
3 Feet
Max width
3 Feet

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Pollinator hot spot Rain garden suited

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