Carya tomentosa

Common name: Mockernut Hickory

Native plant

Mockernut is similar to Shagbark in form, but differs in leaf structure (seven leaflets versus five) and no shaggy bark. Mockernut grows well on well-drained sites in full sun or light shade, and like Shagbark, light shade early in life seems to help increase the rate of growth. Still, the year-to-year growth is slow. The fall color is a clear yellow and best among our local hickories. The name ‘Mockernut’ refers to the fruit, which appears to be very large, but in reality is rather small inside of a large husk.


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Pricing information per unit for 5 gallon growing method
1 to 10 units $26
11 to 24 units $24
25 or more units $22
Pricing information per diameter
1.00 inch $95
1.25 inch $105
1.50 inch $120
1.75 inch $140

Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry Mesic, Mesic

Light exposure

Full Sun

Bloom period




Growth form

Single trunk

General information

Mature height
50 Feet
Mature width
30 Feet
Max height
60 Feet
Max width
50 Feet
Growth rate
Flower color
Fall color

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Edible fruit

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