Carya ovalis

Common name: Red Hickory

Native plant

If you come across this tree in the wild, you will find a tall, evenly branched specimen with dark, dark glossy leaves and a tightly weaved bark that looks a lot like Pignut Hickory. Red Hickory is far more common in our drier woods and savannas than most realize because if its similarity to Pignut, and they do cross, leading to hybrids. It likes well-drained soils and seems to do well in all types of light levels. Grows fast for a hickory, but it’s still a hickory and 10 to 20 inches are to be expected in good years. The nut is very sweet.


Pricing information per unit for 5 gallon growing method
1 to 10 units $26
11 to 24 units $24
25 or more units $22

Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry Mesic, Mesic

Light exposure

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Bloom period



Road-side/salt tolerant

Growth form

Single trunk

General information

Mature height
50 Feet
Mature width
45 Feet
Max height
70 Feet
Max width
60 Feet
Growth rate
Flower color
Fall color
Yellow Orange

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Edible fruit

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