Aronia prunifolia

Common name: Purple Chokeberry

Native plant

One of the finest fall color shows put on by our locally native shrubs. Deep reds and purples in the fall and the clear white flowers that mark the others of this genus it makes a fine addition to yards that tend to be damp for one periods. We recomend that you plant it in sunnier spots of your yard and space it a touch wide so that they don't get leggy which they tend to do when shaded. At one point it was consider, and still is in some books, as a cross between Aronia melanocarpa and Aronia arbutifolia. It is our opinion that it is its own species do to the certain morphilogical cues and that it occurs in areas that the other species do not occur. One of a very fine group of shrubs for birds, butterflies and beauty. 


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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Mesic (Not too Wet Not too Dry), Moist Mesic, Wet

Light exposure

Eastern Exposure / Morning Sun, Full Sun

Bloom period

Late Spring

Urban environment

Uncompacted Urban Soils, Yards that Flood


Floodplain, Prairie Grasslands, Wetlands

Growth form

Dence Growth Form, Shrubby/Clump

Growth rate


Flower color


Fall color

Red Orange Yellow


Mature height
6 Feet
Mature width
5 Feet
Max height
10 Feet
Max width
7 Feet

Additional information

Butterfly host plant Pollinator hot spot Edible fruit Rain garden suited

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