Amelanchier humilis

Common name: Low Shadblow

Native plant

Amelanchiers are know as midsize shrubs to small trees with lovely white, spring flowers and copious amounts of sweet friut. A. humilis is all of this but much smaller. Usually only reaching 3 feet with a tendincy to spread low along the ground, this small shrub can be quite the gem in high canopy shade to nearly full sun. Birds and pollintators do tend to visit with some frequency. HOWEVER(!), it requires careful consideration when it comes to soils. Sandy, gravelly loam, ravines and/or sharp drained, rich soils are a must for Illinois use. We would not recomend this plant to the casual collector away from the lake unless there are special circumstances that would suit the plant.


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Plant Details

Plant type


Soil type

Dry, Dry Mesic, Mesic

Light exposure

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Bloom period



Requires Protected Site

Growth form

Multi-stemmed, Low branched, Rhizomatous/stoloniferous

General information

Mature height
3 Feet
Mature width
3 Feet
Max height
4 Feet
Max width
4 Feet
Growth rate
Flower color
Fall color
Orange Red

Additional information

Loved by birds Pollinator hot spot Edible fruit

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