Aesculus pavia

Common name: Red Buckeye

Native plant

Red Buckeye is a fantastic understory tree for lightly shaded yards. The red, tubular flowers begin to open in late April, a display like no other small tree we know. Needing rich soil, Red Buckeye prefers areas where water drains through but does not stand for long. The telltale buckeyes produced in late summer, will fall from the tree in early autumn.


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Plant Details

Plant type

Large Shrub, Shrub

Soil type

Mesic (Not to Wet Not to Dry), Moist Mesic

Light exposure

Partial Sun / Part Shade, Shade

Bloom period


Urban environment

Requires Protected Site, Yards that Flood

Growth form

Multi-stemmed, Single trunk

Growth rate


Flower color


Fall color



Mature height
10 Feet
Mature width
10 Feet
Max height
20 Feet
Max width
20 Feet

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