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The Conservation Foundation is a private nonprofit organization working to improve the health of our communities by preserving and restoring open space and natural lands, protecting rivers and watersheds, and promoting stewardship of our environment in northeastern Illinois.

Our Conservation@Home program is the ultimate everyone-can-do-something program!   It starts with you making some earth-conscious choices in your home landscape. Replace some turf grass with beautiful and drought-resistant native plants, maybe install a rain barrel or two and reduce or eliminate your chemical use. We’d be happy to offer some advice along the way, free of charge.  Then we’ll certify your yard as an environmentally-friendly landscape through our Conservation@Home program and give you a sign to post proudly.

The use of native plants is the foundation of Conservation@Home, and our friends at Possibility Place grow the best around!  We’re so pleased to be a partner in their online ordering system, making it easy for you to purchase the native plants you need to bring nature home!

10S404 Knoch Knolls Road
Naperville, IL 60565

Pre-sales start February 5th for perennials, trees and shrubs.
Trees and shrubs will begin shipping out April 1st.
Perennial shipments will start May 15th.
We will send notifications when your order ships.

Looking for help with planning? contact us to set up a free consultation!

Plants available on this part of the website are on-line orders only. They are sold in one gallon and pint sizes and are ONLY available if there is a number listed in the In Stock column.

For all other plants (i.e. those not listed), they may be available at the nursery for order by phone or through the contact form.

Each of these lists may be different and are independent of each other.

Thank you for choosing Possibility Place Nursery for your native plant needs.