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Openlands Native Tree and Plant Sale

Give nature and the land you love something big by planting something small.

Openlands Native Tree and Plant Sale offers a gorgeous selection of native plants that, in addition to soaking up stormwater, cleaning the air, and beautifying our properties, provide the much-needed habitat that pollinators and other wildlife depend on. Traditional garden centers don't offer these native plants. Happily, our friends at Possibility Place Nursery do. We are proud to partner with them again this year.

If you want to ensure your purchase includes only those plants native to our region, cross check  this list for those plants offered that are NOT native to northeastern Illinois. 

Lake County, IL residents: You can get personalized advice with a Lands in Harmony property appointment by scheduling here.

All orders have FREE shipping with plants guaranteed to arrive healthy!

Welcome to our Online Store!

We take great pride in offering a thoughtfully selected assortment of plants, cared for with the utmost attention and packaged securely for delivery right to your doorstep!

For our full species list and sizes, see Our Plants and Ordering Information.

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