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Openlands Native Tree and Plant Sale

This year, let the land you love take part in something big...

As we reconnect with our landscapes this year, the role we each play in community health has never been more apparent. Whether getting a vaccine or planting natives, individual actions affect others and collectively ripple across the land.

For those who can, let's devote a portion of our properties to a larger cause this year - the health of our region's landscape. Together we can make a meaningful impact by adoptoing and nourishing some of the beautiful imperiled native plants that once thrived here.

These are the plants that soak up stormwater, cleanse the air, beautify our properties, and provide the much-needed habitat our declining wildlife depend on. Traditional garden centers don't generally offer these plants. But our friends at Possibility Place Nursery do. We are proud to partner with them again this year.

What you need to know about this year's sale

  • You may order online now through fall
  • Free shipping is included with every order
  • Selections will change often, with the next major influx expected in June
  • When ordering perennials, you may mix and match species to reach 18 pints
  • Trees and shrubs are very young, small, and eager to please - just like puppies, tender loving care the first year will yield a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Our grower guarantees your plants will arrive healthy and with care instructions
  • Lake County residents can get personalized advice with a Lands in Harmony property appointment. For any resident outside of Lake County, contact Possibility Place to set up a free consultation
  • If you don't want a PayPal account, simply check out as a guest

Now shipping all orders within 1 week!

The Online Store features our carefully chosen selection of trees, shrubs and perennials that are shippable through the mail. For our full availability, all species and sizes, check out our Plant Finder. Need help planning? Contact Us for a free consultation.

Trees and Shrubs - 1 Gallon size only
Perennials - Pint size, some also in 1 Gallon size
Perennial Flats of 18 - Mix and Match! Each box holds 18 pints and must be fully packed to ship. You can mix and match any species to make a total of 18, 36, 54, etc. Happy Growing!