The Above-grounds are Ready

April 4, 2011

The new growth has harden off and the roots have filled out, making our above-ground trees and shrubs ready for orders and pick-up! Orders have already started coming in. So if you’d like to assure yourself a plant of a particular species, calling in sooner will increase the chances that we’ll have the it in stock. Stock is limited to the number of plants that we moved up in spring. The 2009 stock of above-ground plants look great, we even have a nice selection of Quercus alba (White Oak).

For those of you that are new to our above-ground trees and shrubs, this is how it works. In spring we dig a cross section of plants from our catalog that are looking good and have been of interest to our customers from the year before. Before these trees and shrubs leaf out they are moved into our above-ground system. The purpose is to promote the growth of roots in the root zone so that the plant will have an actively growing system when it is planted by our customers. We stress root health and so the ball size is a little larger than that of our field grown material but there is no (or very little) increase in weight. The reduction in transplant stress is amazing, even in the oaks! This system also makes trees and shrubs available earlier in the year (or later if you like spring), so starting this last week in July the plants are ready for transplant and should simply continue growing instead of having to wait a year before they get going again.

We try to make the selection as large and of the highest quality as we can, but this does limit our numbers a bit. This year is no different. Our oaks have already started to move, as have some others, but there is still plenty of some of our best plants available. So, if you have native tree and shrub needs (or an urge for planting a native) please give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help you!