Rootmaker® Flats (Native Perennials)


We offer a wide variety of native forbs, ferns, grasses, sedges and more. Our seed is obtained from various Midwest sources, then put through various stages of propagation until the plants are available in spring. 

Our native perennial plants are produced in our Rootmaker® perennial flat. This new flat has proven to be extremely successful, producing plants with phenomenal root systems. As with any new system, we had some learning to do. We learned which plants work well in these flats and which do not. We have made and will continue to make the necessary adjustments to ensure quality plants throughout our production process.

The Rootmaker® flats of 32 have graduated sides with holes for the roots to penetrate, allowing root pruning to occur. This encourages more lateral roots to develop than were possible in our traditional container, producing a much stronger plant. You will no longer have circling roots to cut through prior to planting!

Contract orders can be placed until February 1 for growing next spring, but orders of 100 flats or more need to be placed by December 1. Call for quantity discounts, and order early to insure availability. If there is a species you are interested in that is not listed, we will make every effort to obtain it for you. Contact us for additional information.

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