Our Staff


Connor Shaw

The owner and founder of Possibility Place Nursery. He has a B.S. in forest hydrology and a M.S. in wild land hydrology. During his first 10 years out of graduate school, he wrote environmental reports on zone changes in the Chicago area. Connor has taught numerous classes and seminars on native plants and nursery production, and has written several articles for various publications.

Kelsay Shaw

Our botanist and sales consultant. He has a B.S. in botany from Eastern Illinois University and has been doing work in the industry for more than 25 years. He has taught classes on native plants, lectured about their uses and environmental impacts , as well as handling a bulk of our consulting on projects large and small for our clients. The photos on this web site are largely of his work. 

Tristan Shaw

Our Nursery Manager and irrigation guru. He has been working at the nursery for the past 25 years managing our staff and inventing new systems to produce our plants. He has also lectured about the nursery industry on many occasions. He oversees the pick-up of orders and day-to-day operations. 

Terry Rohwedder

Joined the staff in late 2007 as our new office and account manager. Those of you that call the nursery have likely talked to her. She’s usually at the center of what goes on around here. We have come to appreciate her attentive nature because it keeps most of us on track and we’re coming closer to being on time in the process. She is also in charge of scheduling orders for departure from the farm.

Stephanie Connor

Stephanie joined us in 2015 and has taken charge of our greenhouses, improving much of our propagation practices. She has a B.S. from Oregon State and refuses to stop learning and teaching about native plants. She has brought us a keen eye for improvement in all that we do here. We are very happy to have added her to our staff and see her playing a big part in the improvement of our plants for our clients.

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