Five Gallon Containers


Possibility Place Nursery’s five gallon container is very different from what is normally used in the nursery industry. The container is designed in such a way that it encourages numerous roots but inhibits circling roots. No chemicals (such as copper) are used to enhance a fibrous root system.

Customers have found the five-gallon containers very convenient. The plants are light in weight and small enough to be easily transported. Planting on your own is easy, as the hole needs to be dug only 8” deep and 18” across. Survival rate on plants sited correctly has been excellent with minimal maintenance. Minimal maintenance means mulching plants, putting chicken wire around the plants to protect them from varmints (rabbits and deer mostly), and watering.

One comment we have heard from some of our customers is that the plants are sometimes smaller than other five gallon plants. This is true and there is a reason for this. We plant 2” plugs into our five gallon containers while other nurseries use 1 or 2 gallon plants and sometimes even bare root. By the time our plant is ready for sale, it will have a great top and an even better root system. A container plant accompanied by a root system that has filled the pot means better survival and less maintenance. While the plant you see above the soil may be smaller than average, it is the root system below that provides the plant its strength to flourish!

We will contract grow trees or shrubs in five gallon containers. Contact us for additional information.

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