Above Ground Containers


Our trees are offered in above ground containers from the middle of July through September. The tree is dug in the spring, the root bag is removed, and the tree is placed in a container with special soil mix and fertilizers. Roots are prevented from circling by air pruning. The trees are placed under irrigation and watered daily.

The advantages of using this method to grow trees are:

  • Earlier availability. Plant material is available mid-July.
  • Easier to transplant. Container-grown trees have lighter root balls than balled and burlapped trees (150 lbs versus 350 lbs).
  • Higher rate of transplant survival. The trees will have 100% of the roots that they produced that year, which dramatically reduces transplant shock.
  • Lower maintenance. Except during periods of drought, watering is necessary only from the time of planting until October, unlike spring and fall planted trees that must be watered the entire growing season. For best results, container-grown trees should be planted by August 15.

Most of the trees we grow are available using this system. We will contract grow trees in above ground containers. Orders must be placed by the first week in March. Contact us for additional information.

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